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Palm Desert

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       Our Lady’s Desert Roses Service Team
Angela Martinez, OFS, Coordinator…….760-771-5588
Noreen Fortier, Asst. Coordinator ………..760-771-6501
Polly Reilly, Secretary .……..........….… 760-565-5749 Lenora Grimaud, Treasurer..….……..….760-342-9092


Cost: $28 per person if postmarked by 9-6-14.
From 9-7-14 to 9-10-14 $30 per person - CALL for
Reservations.  After 9-10-14, “Stand-by List”
on site—if seats are available.
 For Reservations or Questions:
                      call Jane at (760) 610-5928

Service Team            

Coordinator – Angela Ponder, OFS 
Assistant Coordinator– Noreen Fortier      
Secretary - Esther Guilin
Treasurer – Angela Salcedo

Historian - Diane Eazell     

Spiritual Advisor - Fr. Michael Barry, SS.CC.   

Chair & Co-Chair Ministry Assignments

Clerical/Computers - Polly Elledge


Greeters - Elizabeth Hartmann 
Hostesses -  Maryanne Herman,  Diane Eazell 
Music - Lori Ma, Garth Meade


Publicity - Jen Alling
Intercessory Prayer - Donna Ostrander, Germaine Thompson


Internet Prayer Line - Louise Erickson
Membership/Registration -  Janice Shepherd, Angela Salcedo 
Visitation Resource Table - Christina Silvas, Carrie Murrell 
Parish Reps - Martha Putman, Jeanne Potter


Founding Coordinator - Donna Ross
Web Site - Kathleen Pape, Christina Silvas       


For recordings of our speakers from 2017 on ... please contact

Esther Guilin, our Secretary, at  sal.estherguilin@gmail.com   
Tape recording & Bookstore - For recordings of our speakers

between 2013 and 2016,  contact 

Santiago Productions, P.O. Box 622, La Vern, CA 71750

Phone (949) 214-6601    Email: santiagoeloso725@gmail.com


For recordings of our speakers prior to 2013, contact

St. Joseph Radio, 1985 Bluestone Drive, #101, St. Charles, MO 63303

Phone (800) 500-4556    Email:  infoca@stjosephradio.net

Web site: http://saintjosephradio.net