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Palm Desert

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Cost: $28 per person if postmarked by 9-6-14.
From 9-7-14 to 9-10-14 $30 per person - CALL for
Reservations.  After 9-10-14, “Stand-by List”
on site—if seats are available.
 For Reservations or Questions:
                      call Jane at (760) 610-5928


The Magnificat Meal


The Magnificat Meal is the essential function of Magnificat. This two-to-three hour gathering takes place at least four times a year, providing the opportunity for:

A Shared Meal - Can be breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Fellowship - Offering women a chance to share and enjoy one another in the atmosphere of God's presence and love.

Praise - A period of time in communal praise and worship centers the participants on the Lord; it remains open to the Charismatic gifts while being sensitive to the varied background of all present.

Personal Testimony - One woman's personal expression of God's action in her life. This highlight is, in fact, the reason people come.

Intercessory Prayer - A time of prayer for the needs of the Church and of those present.